The Features and Benefits of Managed Business Website Hosting

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In this day and age, no business, large or small, can afford to be without a web presence. Though many companies use social media exclusively to promote themselves, many customers still expect to be able to visit an official website. Over the past decade or so, having an official website has become indicative of a level of dedication that impresses potential customers. Social media, though of great use these days, is really an adjunct to the official website and should be viewed as such.

The Features and Benefits of Managed Business Website Hosting

So, let’s break it down–what does a website offer a business in particular? Consider the following:

  • Visibility: Once upon a time, visibility was all about having your brand on a billboard. In the information age, your brand is disseminated and marketed primarily through an official website. When your business has a regularly updated website, it tells potential customers and clients that you are serious.
  • Branding: For any business, having your own domain name is crucial to branding. These days domain names and business website hosting are relatively cheap, so there is no reason not to invest.
  • Communication: Though many customers expect a business to have a social media presence, having a central website allows any customer to find you easily. For instance, even if your business manages a Facebook page, that does not mean that all of your customers will have a Facebook account. A single website that is run and managed by your business is still crucial to marketing and branding efforts.

Times on the web have changed since the early days, and many website hosts now provide plans specifically aimed at businesses. Business website hosting is now more affordable than ever before.

The Problems of Having Your Own Site

The central issue with having a business website is that the site can go down. With all of the new platforms and software technologies available, being able to manage and administer them is crucial to business. What if you have server-related issues that affect your website? Will you be able to manage viruses and spam? Do you know how to run OS updates on the Virtual Machine if you have one? Do you have the technical expertise to handle the complexities that come with running a website on a server?

The more complex hardware and software becomes, the more points and possibilities of failure there are. Being able to monitor, analyze, and manage these points of failure is crucial to the running of a server. Given just how many databases store crucial customer information and credit card details, does your organization have the technical expertise to cover every point of failure properly?

The Benefit of Managed Services

Whether your organization lacks the technical expertise, finances, or time, the ideal way to cover all of the possible points of failure is to use Managed Services business website hosting. In a Managed Services model, the hosting provider manages all of the server related problems, including but not limited to:

  • software updates,
  • server monitoring,
  • disaster recovery,
  • data back-ups,
  • security auditing,
  • virus scanning, and
    • operating system updates.

In this scenario, a business effectively rents the server and pays for professional Managed Services. All of the required technical services are taken care of, and the business can get on with what it does best. Hiring Managed Services translates to the following business benefits:

  • Reduced costs: Hiring specific IT personnel to manage a server means extra costs for your business. In the Managed Services model, your organization saves money by not having to employ additional personnel.
  • Expertise: In a Managed Services model, your business can get on with what it is best at and leave all of the technical issues to the website hosting company. Hiring professionals ultimately saves time and money in the long run, despite any short term financial investment.

Get on with the Job

No business or organization in this day and age can afford to be without an authoritative web presence, but the evolution and complexity of all of the software platforms, tools, and services also means that managing it can be a nightmare. Investing in managed website hosting means that any server-related issues can be quickly addressed, ultimately, saving the business time and money.



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