Shared Web Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

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When you, as a business owner and make the decision to launch an ecommerce site, you are making a decision that can truly benefit your business. However, this initial decision is followed by more complex decisions. One of these decisions is how you should host your webpage. This article will discuss two of your options, shared web hosting and dedicated hosting. There are several key differences between these types of hosting, including the costs, technical skills needed, potential for blacklisting, server response time, bandwidth and disk space, level of control, and security.

Shared Web Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting


Dedicated hosting sites can be more costly than shared hosting sites. Dedicated sites are used by only a single user. Because shared sites are used by several users, costs are split up, making it the cheaper option of the two.

Technical Skills Needed

When you choose a dedicated site, you will need more knowledge than is required for a shared site. A shared site is set up for use by several users, meaning that they are responsible for the setup, administration, and management of the server. If you run a dedicated site, you or someone who works for you will need these types of technical skills.

Potential for Blacklisting

Search engines sometimes blacklist entire IP addresses for spamming by users. If you use a shared site that is blacklisted, your information will not turn up in searches. However, if you use a dedicated hosting site, you are the only user. If you do not use spam on your website it will not be blacklisted.

Server Response Time

Shared websites may have slower response time than dedicated hosting sites. The reason for this is that there are often many users on shared websites at the same time. These users are using the same resources, such as bandwidth, which can slow the site’s response time. A dedicated site has its own resources so it is more likely to respond faster.

Bandwidth and Disk Space

When you have shared hosting you must share a server. This means your business will be allotted a set amount of bandwidth and disk space. There can also be extra fees because the hosting website will often charge extra if you go over the allotted amount. When you choose dedicated website hosting, you have your own server and no limitations to bandwidth and disk space.

Level of Control

When you use dedicated hosting you have a higher level of control. Shared hosting sites are used by several businesses: Thus, they have a specific format and offered features. If you require customization of your design or platform, it may be best to choose a dedicated webhosting site.


When you choose a shared server, the administrator is responsible for security including firewalls and other software programs. When your ecommerce site is hosted using dedicated hosting, you become responsible for security. This means you must make informed decisions about the various types of malware and anti-virus software you need. However, because you are the only one on the server, it is less likely viruses and malware will be introduced to the site.



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