Website Hosting Services vs Self-Hosting Website for E-Commerce

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Technological advances over the past few decades have made e-commerce a viable platform for selling products to your customers. E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is a term used to describe any of the various business or commercial transactions that occur on the Internet. Many companies have seen e-commerce hosting services improve their sales, and the way they can connect with customers. These companies had to make the decision of using e-commerce hosting services or using self-hosting to sell products from their company.

Website Hosting Services vs Self-Hosting Website for E-Commerce

Benefits of Hosted E-Commerce Sites

There are several benefits to choosing hosting services for you e-commerce needs, including technical support, reliability, regular upgrades, and excellent response time.

Technical Support: The majority of e-commerce hosting websites will provide technical support 24 hours per day, any day of the week.

Reliability: Hosting websites rely on their features to attract new customers to their e-commerce platforms. One of these features is reliability. The more reliable a site is, the more likely the site is to attract business.

Regular Upgrades: Hosting websites work to stay up-to-date with all of the latest e-commerce and marketing technologies. They add new features regularly so you do not have to do so yourself. Most of the time, there is no website down time associated with these upgrades.

Excellent Response Time: Companies that host e-commerce websites often feature complex hardware and software to allow multiple transactions to occur per webpage on their site. For this reason, the programming is designed to respond quickly to customer needs.

Benefits of Self-Hosting

When you choose to self-host for e-commerce needs, the benefits include better customization, ability to set up a more complex website, and better integration and use of your own domain name for checkout.

Better Customization: Hosting services already have complex hardware and software that they must use. For this reason, they usually offer a specific set of features to their customers. When you self-host your e-commerce website you have more options to customize your site.

Setting up a More Complex Website: Websites that host e-commerce business often have a simplified website design. This means they do not support a lot of features that you want on your website. Some of these features include multi-lingual languages and multi-national compatibility. Additionally, if you require hosting with a complex structure, such as one to let you run subdomains or a product database, you would want to choose self-hosting.

Better Integration for Domain and Checkout: Shopping carts for checkout on e-commerce websites often require a complex SSL websites. If you need a high degree of integration, or want to use your own domain for checkout, then you may want to choose to self-host.

Hosting Website for E-Commerce


The type of hosting services you choose for your company should reflect your needs. If you require a more complex set-up, or need to link your products, you may want to choose to self-host your website. If you are looking for reliable, up-to-date services, then choose hosted services. You should also consider your budget. The design and integration of a self-hosting site can be time consuming and costly.



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