The Booming Business of Reseller Hosting

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This means that once they design and develop the website, they also offer to host the website on a server, for an extra fee. Usually, such companies lease dedicated or share servers from server providers, and rent part of the hard drive space and bandwidth to their clients. This way, they earn profit from various clients who share their server. This is commonly known as reseller hosting. Reseller hosting has also become an attractive business opportunity for many people. They lease servers from various countries, and offer hard drive space and bandwidth to several clients at slightly higher, yet affordable, prices.

Reseller hosting

Who Needs Reseller Hosting?

This type of hosting is preferred by smaller businesses who are looking for cheap and affordable website solutions. When they approach any website design firm, the firm usually offers them website hosting as an add-on service at affordable rates. Since it is also more convenient to have a single point of contact for designing and hosting of the website, many people prefer such reseller hosting services. It also proves beneficial for those websites that attract very less internet traffic.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

There are several companies that offer such services at very competitive and affordable prices. However, not everyone is able to live up to the promises made, and many companies even cut corners to make higher profits. One of the most common promises made is "99.9% uptime," offered by almost every company. While this may be true in many cases, there also occur many cases of websites experiencing very long downtimes. This usually happens due to poor support and troubleshooting services. This can cause the company that owns the website to lose considerable money and reputation. Therefore, it is very important that you find out from their current clients if they've ever faced any such issue.

The Booming Business of Reseller Hosting

Servers in different countries may cost you different amounts. However, the cost for hosting on a server in the same country may be quoted differently by various service providers. Be sure to compare the prices being offered by competing service providers. But remember that difference in pricing may arise from the number of additional features being offered. Sometimes it is possible to negotiate prices by trimming some of the unnecessary features being offered as part of the package.

Before signing any contract with any company that provides reseller hosting services, remember to also read the numerical caps or limits that have been imposed on the various features that are being offered as part of the package. It often happens that people ignore such details and are later forced to pay extra amounts for crossing usage limits. Also, remember to read all terms and conditions that are usually presented in fine print. This is to avoid any problems or disputes that may arise after your website has been hosted. If a dispute consumes a lot of time at a later stage, it will only end up causing you more monetary damage.



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