Get Your Professional Web Hosting Business Online

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Most of these companies usually offer packages to clients that include several features such as free domain name registration, unlimited emails, disk space, and bandwidth. Clients can choose to host their website either on a shared server or a dedicated server. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Shared Server Hosting

All professional web hosting service providers offer cheap and affordable shared server web hosting. This means that the server that will host your website will be shared by many clients. Smaller and basic websites are usually hosted on such servers because they can easily handle smaller amounts of web traffic. It makes no economic sense to host your website on a dedicated server by paying much higher prices if you are only expecting minimal traffic. In case the traffic increases over time, and a shared server is no longer doing the trick, you can switch to a dedicated server anytime. This flexibility is offered by almost all professional web hosting service providers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Websites that are bulky and attract very high internet traffic on a regular basis cannot be hosted on shared servers. They require dedicated servers that you can either buy or lease from professional web hosting service providers. Dedicated servers cost much more than shared servers due to the exclusivity they offer. Most big corporate companies host their website on multiple dedicated servers to handle the massive internet traffic they face each day.

Customer Support & Service

When selecting any professional web hosting service provider, it is very important that you enquire about their customer service policies. Even a minor technical problem can cause your website to face major difficulties. It is of utmost importance that the web hosting service provider offers prompt and efficient troubleshooting. You can also ask their current clients about any problems they might have faced and how quickly they were sorted out. Once you're convinced about their troubleshooting capabilities, you can hire their services with confidence and peace of mind.

Get Your Professional Web Hosting Business Online

Billing Cycles

Different professional web hosting service providers offer different billing options. You can opt to pay quarterly, yearly, annually, or even once in three years. Usually, you save more money when you pay for longer time periods at once. However, you need to be very self-aware of your website while choosing any billing option. You need to ask yourself questions such as "will I still be using the same website in 3 years?", or "am I expecting the traffic on my website to rise drastically in a short span of time?” Once you are clear about the future of your website, you can go ahead and select the best-suited billing option.

So, if you're having trouble choosing from a plethora of web hosting service providers, remember to analyze their packages carefully. Get all your queries answered before making a commitment, and seek testimonials from their current clients. Only after doing such research will you be able to make the right choice.



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