The Newbies Guide to Web Hosting Australia

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From businesses to family blogs, many individuals create websites in the modern world. Each website requires a web host to appear on the Internet. Before users get web hosting Australia, they must make sure that they look for the features that they need. Likewise, they will want to consider the type of hosting account that they want. Although there are inexpensive shared hosting platforms, a VPS or dedicated server will allow the user to receive more traffic on their site.

Hosting Australia

What is Web Hosting?

Before beginners can start hosting their site, they will need to understand exactly what web hosting Australia entails. A web host is responsible for a server that holds the site. This server is connected to the Internet and is accessible to the website's visitors. Since websites require a significant amount of server space, they must be hosted on by a web host and not on a basic computer system.

How Does a Data Center Work?

Newcomers to web hosting Australia may hear the words “data center” and “server” used interchangeably. Although the concept is similar, these words actually have entirely different meanings. A data server is essentially a room or building that holds a bunch of servers. To protect the servers, the building is outfitted with backup generators and fire suppression systems. While some data centers are just a room, other data centers take up entire warehouses.

The Types of Hosting

There are four basic types of web hosting Australia services that can be purchased. Users can choose between shared hosting, a virtual private server, cloud hosting, and dedicated hosting. The most basic variety is shared hosting. This option is typically the cheapest, but only works well for small sites. In a shared hosting environment, a bunch of users utilizes the same server. If one user uses too many of the resources, it detracts from the amount that everyone else can use.

With a virtual private server, the website still has to share a server. This type of hosting costs slightly more because the server is allocated to each individual site. Each site is guaranteed a certain portion of the resources. These limitations mean that everyone on the server can access their allotment when they need to.

If the website needs a significant amount of resources, they may need to contract for a dedicated server. With this hosting option, the user rents an entire server. This allows them more resources and space, but it also costs significantly more than VPS or shared hosting. It is only a viable option for sites that need the best server performance and control.

The last hosting option available on today's marketplace is cloud hosting. This option uses a team of servers that work together. When traffic increases on a particular site, the extra workload is divvied up across all of the servers. Although cloud hosting offers a better resource usage, it carries some drawbacks. Users are generally unable to change the server settings or add new software. Likewise, this hosting option costs a significant amount more than the previous three hosting options.



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