Wireless Home Security - Next Generation Protection for Your Home

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Choosing the right security system for your house is very important. The home security market is worth billions of dollars today. There are plenty of major companies that offer a whole bunch of additional security products, ranging from vent locks, barriers and reinforced door locks to full-scale alarm systems. Home alarm systems are generally available in many different types. The standard home alarm system generally consists of a number of different items that are supposed to work in unison to protect your home.

When the alarm system is armed, the motion sensors out on your lawn become active. Apart from these sensors, security camera feeds start recording and your doors are locked automatically. All of this happens at the touch of a button. Only one person is authorized to use your alarm system, which is why they are mostly accessible with passcodes or fingerprint sensors. However, one of the biggest problems that many people have with alarm systems is the sheer amount of wires that they come with. The control panel is usually installed in the house. All the other components of the system are wired with this control panel.

Given the fact that we are rapidly adopting wireless technology, there are plenty of different companies that now offer wireless home security systems. You don’t have to worry about wires running along the walls and connecting to the panel at separate locations. There are plenty of different things that you should know before buying a wireless home security system. Here are a few.


No Hassle, No Wires

Installing a wired security system can take a long while. The company’s experts will visit your home and then look for vulnerabilities. Then they will install the cameras, motion sensors and other alarm equipment at different locations. Since every piece of equipment within the system is wired, you will have plenty of wires running throughout the house. The whole system could be compromised if even one wire malfunctions. With wireless systems, you don’t have to worry about such things.

Most wireless security systems create their own networks in order to remain connected to each component. For instance, if you buy a wireless camera security system, all you have to do is mount the frames and install the camera. You don’t have to worry about running a wire all the way to the monitoring station. The camera system will send a wireless feed directly to a USB transponder that you can connect to your computer. Wireless home security systems have a defined range, so you must make sure that you install them within the given perimeter.

They Are More Expensive

Wireless security systems are obviously more expensive due to their use of advanced technology. Most people are often worried about external hacks. They think that anybody with a computer and a rudimentary understanding of networks can breach the network system.

However, that’s not the case. These systems use advanced security protocols that are not easy to breach at all. The use of proprietary equipment, advanced technology and the increased costs of manufacture are just some of the reasons why these systems are more expensive when compared to wired systems.


Some of the modern wireless home security systems now allow you to stream video straight from the cameras to your smartphone. Using your Wi-Fi network for connectivity, the wireless home security system will stream a live feed to your phone via a mobile app. This is a great option for people who live alone. If you are out of the house and wish to keep track of the security of your place, all you have to do is open the app and look at the feed.

You will also receive notifications on your smartphone in case a motion sensor trips or if someone tries to open the electrical locks. Modern systems now offer a whole bunch of different features and functionalities. These features are not common in wired security systems, which is why many people don’t mind paying more for wireless home security systems. Keeping your house safe is your own responsibility, and buying a wireless home security system is the best thing that you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones.



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