Five Reasons to Get Managed Server Hosting

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Website managers and business owners do not have time to spend on the technical side of Web hosting. They will either hire some Web professional to do the work, or wish they had more skills to do it themselves. If you set up a website yourself, find the best Web hosting option, and that is managed server hosting. There are five reasons why you should secure your site with a managed server. 

Sense of Freedom

Managed server hosting gives you an entire server to use large amounts of space for a website. In contrast, shared server hosting makes you share your Web space with other people, so you have restricted space and functions.

Gain the greatest amount of freedom when you invest in managed hosting. You have the exclusive rights to your Web hosting and get to choose the operating system and other software programs. Although the choice is expensive, you have to invest financially to promote services in the way you want them promoted.


A website is nothing if it is like every other site out there. Without the mention of competitors and distinguishing your site from theirs, you want a website to be unique. You need a site that makes you feel like an individual and not part of a collective industry.

On a managed server, create webpages that are custom made and not standardized. Choose the types of ads to include where you want to place them, and how many you want in one place. On a shared hosting site, you are not given so many freedoms.

Managed Server Hosting

Management Services

Managed server hosting includes a team that handles all the site’s technical and maintenance needs. Whatever your server needs, you have professionals with the skills to manage the site for you. You pay a cost and have them take care of the rest, which is similar to visiting a mechanic.

A provider for shared hosting is not responsible for any technical duties that relate to the site. As the host owner, you are mainly responsible for maintaining the site.

On your managed server, there are professionals who will scan and monitor the server in detail. You need this task to check for any defects or suspicious behaviors in the system. That is why investing in a managed server is expensive, yet worth the cost. Many e-commerce websites are being hacked into and misused by outsiders. Viruses are being spread, personal information is being stolen, and websites are being destroyed. That is why you want system admins to catch the invasions early. You want to address the points of failures before they become disastrous.

Frequent Updates

Updates are important tasks needed to improve your managed server hosting. Staying secure, solid, and reliable is necessary for websites that have a few or many visitors. Plus, people will not come back to sites that are not updated with interesting information.

Part of making these updates is maintaining the security of a website. Your hosting provider should perform a regular bout of security audits. On the operating system, install a virus scan and firewall that keeps out invasions. Also, filter out spam emails that contain malware. Every month or so, make updates to your operating system for its continual improvements.

Good hosting providers have many tools and a lot of knowledge to help you with security issues directly. They will scan the system, inform you about certain security vulnerabilities, and make the necessary changes immediately.

Ample Storage

On the server, be able to store what you want and for how long. No one gives you restrictions on the amount of space to use, which is not the case for a shared hosting account.

Every business has storage needs that vary from year to year. As the business grows, they acquire more virtual data and documents that need to be placed somewhere. A managed server is an entire server by itself, so expect to receive large amounts of space.

Freedom, videos, images, security updates, and e-commerce shopping portals are all features that come with managed server hosting. As the user, you are given the space and privileges to create the website you want. If you plan to take the business to the next level, you need a site that provides managed resources.



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