VPS Hosting: It could save your Business

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You have finally achieved your lifelong dream of owning your own business. You have worked yourself to exhaustion, scrimped, and saved your hard earned cash for years, and finally made your dream come true. The best part is that being your own boss is every bit as wonderful as you thought it would be. It is such a shame to see all that hard work go up in smoke, but that is exactly what is happening.

Fortunately, everyone got out of the building safely. But, you cannot believe that you are standing here, behind the caution tape, watching the firefighters try to extinguish the flames. When you are finally allowed back into the building, you realize everything is lost. Sure, you had insurance. But, insurance money cannot replace your files or your computer server. You realize suddenly that you should have listened to your information technology guru, and used VPS hosting.

VPS and Cloud

What is “VPS”?

VPS stands for virtual private server. For the most part, a virtual private server is equivalent functionally to a dedicated physical server. It runs its own copy of an operating system. Each VPS customer is set up with a system administration account, or “super user”. This super user has access to the VPS operating system, and can install any software that the operating system can run.

Virtual private servers are typically priced lower than physical servers. However, unless you choose a dedicated virtual private server, your VPS will probably share the same physical hardware with other virtual private servers. This may lower the performance of your VPS, depending on the workload of the other VPSs on the same hardware as yours.

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting is one of three options from which you can choose to host your website online. The other two options are shared hosting and dedicated server hosting. What are the differences between the three types of hosting? Let us compare the three using an analogy.

Shared hosting can be thought of like living in an apartment. All of the residents live in the same apartment complex. They all share common areas, such as the parking lot, the pool, and the playground. Similarly, with shared hosting all of the account holders must share certain resources, such as memory, and disk space, with all of the other account holders on the server.

VPS hosting is more like owning a condo. You still share certain common areas, but there are a lot fewer residents and everyone has an assigned parking space. You are also responsible for maintaining, and repairing your own condo. With VPS hosting, you still share the same resources, but those resources have been divided, and dedicated to each account holder. VPS hosting is more stable and secure than shared hosting, because no one can tap into your share of the resources.

Dedicated hosting is like owning your own house. You are the only account holder and all of the resources on the server are yours alone. Dedicated servers are more powerful, therefore, because you are not sharing resources with anyone.


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