Managed Dedicated Server - A Complete Guide

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In the world of networking and computing, a server is an application consisting of hardware and software components that cater to clients. Requests are sent by the client to the server, and the server generates relevant responses. Usually, server software is installed on fully dedicated computers. These computers are much more powerful as compared to ordinary computers. Usually, servers are installed client-server architecture. The server exists to cater to the requests sent by the client. Essentially, the server is a program that generates relevant responses for other programs.

Managed Dedicated Server - A Complete Guide

The server is mainly used for catering to several types of client requests. For instance, a centralized server allows different clients to share data and information with several different software programs and computer systems. In most cases, the client connects to the server through an Ethernet cable. However, wireless servers are also available now. There are many different types of servers. Common examples include print servers, gaming servers, file servers, database servers and many others.

A server plays a very crucial role in supporting Web sites. When a visitor accesses the Web site, a request is sent to the server. All the data and files pertaining to the Web site are stored on the server. As soon as the server receives the request, it sends the information to the client. All of this happens behind the scenes. It all happens very quickly too. Depending upon your connection speeds and bandwidth, it can take less than a second for the server to respond to your request. As soon as you press “Enter” after typing in the Web address, the browser begins to retrieve information from the server.

What Is a Managed Dedicated Server?

As mentioned, computer servers have significantly better specifications. Usually, computer servers run round the clock. They are placed in temperature controlled environments and are actively maintained. In some places, proper data centers are maintained. Many websites are stored on a single server. In a data center, several servers are connected to a single display unit. They are mounted on racks and are connected to each other via a KVM switch.

Managed Dedicated Server

However, there’s a disadvantage of hosting your website on a shared server. Shared servers are prone to crashing, and hosting companies don’t provide management services. For a larger website, this could be a problem. Since there are so many websites running on a single server, the response time may be slower. Visitors to your website may find that the website loads slowly.

A managed dedicated server is very different. It is a service provided by hosting companies and is significantly more expensive as compared to standard server hosting. Companies that provide management services have to care for the software and hardware components of the server. Since it is a dedicated server, no other website can be hosted on the same terminal.

The market for managed dedicated servers is relatively small. Since these services are more expensive, only larger websites use these services. As a result, many hosting companies also provide more features and additional products. These are designed to give consumers more management options.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers may cost more, but they also provide many benefits. Here are some of the benefits that you get for hosting your website on a managed dedicated server:

Dedicated servers are significantly more reliable as compared to shared hosting servers. If another website on the same server takes up more resources as compared to your own, it could have an impact on your page too. On a dedicated server, there’s only one website on the whole server: yours.

Enhanced Technical Support:
In case you have selected dedicated management services, the hosting company will offer you much greater support options. The response time is significantly shorter and the support staff will also provide details regarding the workings behind the scene. You will also get root/administrator access to the server so you can make as many changes as you want to the server.

Upgrade Path:
Since the server is managed by the hosting company, all software updates will be installed automatically. Your server will be optimized the latest updates in order to provide improved performance.



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